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Care Instructions

Treat your socks like you would want to be treated.
It's easy to forget about how to wash your socks. There are a few simple reminders for keeping your socks in their best, brightest, and most comfortable condition to extend the lives of your two favorite friends.

1. We recommend hand-washing your socks to preserve colors and maintain size and shape. Most likely that will not happen, so wash with like colors on gentle cycle with cold water and no bleach.
2. Sharp objects are hazardous to your sock health.
3. Your socks will last longer if you line dry them. That probably will not happen, so put them in the dryer at your own risk.
4. Colors will stay truer if you wash your socks inside-out.
5. Avoid bleaching or ironing your socks. Who irons their socks anyway?
6. Avoid tumble drying. This is a torture chamber for your socks. The hot air of the dryer along with the spinning destroys the fiber in your socks. How would you like to be trapped in there?

Even though we are giving you a few tips, remember you are free to care about your socks however you like - or never wash them at all.