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Cycle Zombies Premiere

user by LukeM

Cycle Zombies Premier in Japan!!!

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Kicks For Kids

user by LukeM

Join us on the 5th of December at the W hotel in Scottsdale Arizona for a charity event benefitting the Boys & Girls Club. Kicks For Kids will be performing live music and holding a silent auction featuring rare and one of a kind sneakers and even some shoes signed by your favorite athletes!

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Sisters of the Moon: Haim & Stevie Nicks by T-mag

user by kurumi

Tierney Gearon from T-mag

Our very talented Punks and Poets‬ HAIM were featured in Tmagazine singing a duet of "Rhiannon" with Stevie Nicks . Hear their collaboration and see what advice Stevie gave the girls about life, love, and fame.

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Win a Trip to our Open House Party!

user by kendyl

Win a trip for you and a friend to come party with our Punks and Poets at our exclusive Open House party in San Clemente, CA. Food trucks, drinks, bowl session, and some surprise musical performances are in store. We'll even set you up with free socks for a year. To enter, visit our Instagram here or here: repost the contest image, tag a friend, and hashtag #tripoutwithstance. We'll pick a lucky winner on 6/5. Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions

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How We Kick It: Rachel Moore

user by Stance Gal

Name: Rachel Moore

Hometown: Oxnard, California

Spear fisher. Rock climber. Master diver. Naturalist. If there were ever an example of how style can transcend professional, Rachel Moore is it—never over dressed, casually cool, she's in command of a look that's as unique as it is understated. And for someone who spends more time in the water than she does on land, we think that's quite an accomplishment.

How would you describe your personal style?

Jeans and a T-shirt are pretty standard.

Who is your style icon?

Alessandra Ambrosio. She's hot and has great street style—casual and never over styled.

If you could only travel one more time in your life, where would you go?

The Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. I'm hoping to sail there next year—just made an offer on a boat. But hopefully it won't be my last trip.

Have you ever had a scare under the water?

I was on a deep dive on a wall in Honduras when I almost lost one of my dive buddies. We were diving on the deepest wall on the island, where the top of the reef sits in about 40 feet of water then drops off vertically to just over 3000 feet. We were planning on doing a very short dive to 250 feet where there is a small sand ridge just before the wall completely drops off into the abyss. There were four of us that day and we all had multiple dives to over 200 feet and over 1000 dives each under our belts, but this day, one of the more experienced divers got nitrogren narcosis, a state when your body has absorbed too much nitrogen and some people hallucinate. We were checking in with each other every 50 feet to make sure no one was getting crazy eyes, but the last 50 feet we couldn't get our buddy's attention and he seemed like he was just going to keep going into the abyss. Around 200 feet, it's possible to get oxygen poisoning and we were already pushing our limits. No one felt comfortable going deeper and we only had a few precious minutes of air left at that depth. At that point I started getting really scared and it was hard to breathe, each breath was like trying to suck pea soup out of a straw. I was on the verge of tears thinking I was going to lose a close friend. We all felt so helpless—we kept hitting our tanks trying to get his attention and all we could see were his bubbles rising from below us. The only thing we could do was pray he came to his senses and hit the diver recall alarm when we got back to the boat. We started our first safety stop at 180 feet when we started seeing bubbles coming up—I started welling up with tears when I knew our friend was okay and coming to meet us. He met us up at our safety stop where I smacked him upside the head and made other gestures underwater letting him know how much he scared us and how stupid he was! We all decided never to dive that deep again—no number was worth our lives.

What makes you feel most alive these days?

I used to be a total adreanline junkie: skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, deep diving, anything that got my blood pumping and pushed my limits. After losing a few friends to similar hobbies, I decided to back off a bit. I liked to feel alive but no rush is worth my life in the long run. Now I love climbing at night under the stars. Sitting at the top of a climb in the middle of the wilderness with my headlamp turned off seems like heaven. No lights other than the stars, no people, no noise other than my heart beating—that's when I feel most alive.

What's something we'd be surprised to find out about you?

I used to study entomology (the study of insects). I have a prize-winning insect collection and I continute to catch butterflies in every country I travel to.

Knee socks or cut low?

Knee socks: sexy with added protection while climbing or hiking!

How do you kick it in Stance socks?

I love having them stick out from my boots or shoes as added flare. I'm pretty simple when it comes to how I dress but adding fun socks totally ups my game.

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How We Kick It: Lindsay Perry

user by Stance Gal

Name: Lindsay Perry
Hometown: Satellite Beach, FL

At first pass, Lindsay Perry is the epitome of the “California Girl,” combining her passion for art, music and surfing into a life of chance and opportunity few will ever experience. But her West Coast style is deceiving—as it turns out, she’s a bit of a Southern Belle: “I get asked about California all the time, but I’m actually from Florida” she tells Stance. “I’ve got a neat little place there in New Smyrna Beach and a lot of roots in the south.” Wherever she’s from (and wherever she goes), we have our eyes peeled for what’s next from this free-spirited multi-hyphenate.

How would you describe your style to someone you’d never met over the phone?
I love to dress funky, but comfortable. Mixing patterns and layers is always something I’ve been into.

If you could only travel one more time in your life, where would you go?
I’d love to go back to Europe for a while!

Who are your style icons?
Hmm, I get really inspired by so many different people/magazines/websites. I think Zippy Seven has an amazing style, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and my girlfriend, Cailin Russo. 

Ever have a gnarly surfing accident?
Oh yeah, a few! I had a really bad scare in Northern Nicaragua a few years back and once in Hawaii, right after. I definitely know my boundaries now!

What makes you feel most alive these days?
The first thing that comes to mind, is love. I’ve had an amazing boyfriend for a year now. We do a lot of traveling, exploring life and all it has to offer. Anything creative makes me feel alive—art, music, surfing, snowboarding, designing.

What’s something about you we’d be surprised to find out?
Ha! So much. I’m kind of a weird person. My all-time guilty pleasure is Full House and anything on Lifetime. I love Britney Spears and have a small obsession with buying electronics.

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains more?
My heart will always be at sea level but it’s been incredible to be in the snow lately. I just think it’s important to broaden my horizons and try new things.

Knee socks or cut low?
Mid-shin to knee-high. Nothing more fun than a funky pair of tall socks .

What’s your favorite way to wear Stance?

Mid-shin high, bright and with a pair of Chuck Taylors or some vintage boots. Love them with shorts and oversized flannels.

Show us how you style your Stance socks by tagging us in your full-body outfit shots on Instagram #howwekickit @stance_muse. You could be featured on our How We Kick It gallery alongside Lindsay and more of our favorite trend setters and rule benders. 

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Laura Enever A Year of Highs & Lows

user by kurumi

We often times reflect back on our ups and downs of the year once December comes around. Watch our Punk and Poet Laura Enever discuss her year at the final 2013 ASP World Surfing Tour in her last episode of the season in the series I'm Laura. 

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Watch: Artist Loretta Lizzio Paints In Stance’s Cheetah Socks

user by Stance Gal

Post-impressionist artist Pierre Bonnard once said that artist should have two lives: one to learn how to paint and the other to actually paint. Regardless, we think Australian illustrator and painter Loretta Lizzio is doing pretty dang well with her singular existence—her incredibly intricate and romantic line drawings are inspired by nature and demand admiration, if not for their creativity, then for their subtle nuances. Watch her create one of her signature paintings (wearing our Cheetah socks) in this short film by Tom Antolini.

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How We Kick It: On the Road with Kind Campaign

user by Stance Gal

We can recite every line from the 2004 Tina Fey-penned film Mean Girls like it’s our job (“Four for you, Glenn Coco!”), but the message still rings clear: Girl World can be brutal.  Backstabbing, gossip, rumors—high school hallways (and office lobbies) can be a battlefield. Enter Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, the founders of Kind Campaign, a grassroots movement aiming to put an end to girl-on-girl bullying in schools. After struggling with their own negative experiences during middle and high school that left Thompson feeling completely alone and often in tears and Paul contemplating suicide, the duo decided to launch their nonprofit while studying film and TV production at Malibu’s Pepperdine University in 2009. Since then, they’ve made their mission a full-on movement, filming the documentary Finding Kind, becoming Advocates for Element Eden, and embarking on multiple national and international speaking tours across the U.S. and Canada, equipping girls with the tools and confidence they need to end their feuds and be kind to each other.

Thompson and Paul (who wed Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul earlier this year) are shining examples of what it means to be a Stance Original—they’ve drawn from experience to change the world. We equipped them with some of our favorite styles so they’d have the threads to match their uncommon spirits. Here, we catch up with the women just a few days after the last stop on a cross-country school assembly tour to find out more about Kind:

What cities did you bring the Kind message to this month?
During our October tour we started out in Boise, and did a couple of schools there and from there we went to Portland and then San Francisco and then Miami.  Also Baton Rouge and a small town in Palestine, Texas, and then Carollton, Texas, which is in the Dallas area and then Houston, Texas. We fly out to the area, speak for a couple of days then fly back home and have a couple of days to regroup and then fly back out and that’s how it’s been throughout the month of October. We’ve done the minivan road trip tour before and we’ve found we actually cover more ground flying places.

What’s been a really defining moment so far?
I think one moment that stood out throughout our whole Kind Campaign experience was actually when we met a girl in Houston a few days ago. I mean, every school assembly this month as been amazing and the energy of the girls has been incredible. But there was a girl a few months ago—when we were in Boise—who reached out on an Instagram picture we’d posted and just shared a bit of her story and struggle she’s dealt with. She just sounded really broken and really upset. Immediately, fans of Kind Campaign and our Instagram community started reaching back out to her, encouraging her and lifting her up, tons of people saying the sweetest things to her. We ended up getting her information and emailing her back and forth figuring out how we could get her to one of our Kind Campaign assemblies because we thought it would be so cool to meet her. It turns out she actually lives in Houston, which is where we had our last assembly, and she had such an amazing time. We’ll remember that forever.

Do you see a lot of that kind of interaction on your social media channels?
Yeah, it’s actually really amazing. We’re able to see the positive that can come from social media, and that is so important to us and telling of how social media can be used in a positive way. Especially as we’re going to schools and seeing some really tragic stories of how social media is used.

What are some other common issues girls seem to be dealing with?

Everyone’s bullying experience is different—everything is relative to a person’s experience, where they’re from, the school they’re in.  But it all boils down to insecurities that girls have. We talk about gender roles and how the media is a huge player of how girls see themselves and other women. We’ve just found that there’s something in our society that really triggers girls’ self esteem to be broken. The result of that are women having unhealthy relationships with themselves and with other women.  It’s about starting a dialogue and showing girls how beautiful and perfect they are and inspiring girls to feel confident enough in themselves that they can have healthy relationships with other girls and feel genuinely happy for other women in their lives.

We all deal with bullying at some point in our lives, even as adults in the workplace. What’s your advice for dealing with a bully?
You have to develop love for yourself first and foremost, because it’s our insecurities that make women try to tear other women down.  One good thing about being older is having the understanding that we’re not going to be best friends with everyone, and that’s ok.   Our biggest piece of advice is that when a conflict does arise or you feel like you’re being bullying, sit down and have a conversation with that person. I think oftentimes, we go to our friends and the other person goes to their friends and even as adults, there’s a lot of drama. A lot of it can be deleted by having a conversation, and then moving forward. That doesn’t mean necessarily staying friends with that women—it’s about coming to a mutual understanding of how your relationship will work.

You’ve had a monumental year. What’s been a highlight?
We’re always just running to keep up with what we’ve created on top of working with a super, super, super tiny budget. We had a huge fundraiser last month associated with the finale of Breaking Bad, which raised an astonishing amount of money for Kind Campaign.  We’d never seen it as a reality for us to raise that kind of money and it’s given us the opportunity to think outside the box again and figure out new ways we can expand Kind Campaign. Something we’ve wanted to do since day one is to be able to provide our programs to schools who can’t afford them free of charge and with this fundraise we’ll be able to do that. So in February we’re touring again with a different concept, where we’re picking a city and staying there for a week and touring through districts that can’t afford to bring Kind Campaign out.

Well we’re so thrilled to have you repping our socks.
Lauren: I love the grey ones with the pink flowers and the gold beads on the side, and the cheetah ones.

Molly: They’re the ones I had in my bag always while we were traveling; I bring socks with me on the plane because my feet always get so cold. They are actually still in my purse right now. I also love the black with the geometric design with the kind of see-through material—super comfortable.

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The Inside Job: Ryan Kenny

user by Stance Gal

Bambi, photographed for Stance Muse by Ryan Kenney. All photos by Kenney.

What He Does: Takes pictures, including the shots for our Holiday 2013 Stance Muse look book

It was only Ryan Kenny’s second day in the States when he embarked on a full day of backyard adventures with Bambi and Imogene Barron in Los Angeles, but you’d never know it—his photographs, made just for us for our Holiday 2013 Stance Muse collection, smack of that locals-only exclusivity. We hope he sticks around for a long, long time, but if he decides to trek back to his native Australia, at least he’ll have one hell of a photo album to remember us by.

Introduce yourself for us, Ryan.

I'm from Adelaide, South Australia and I love taking photos of beautiful things so I can remember them later.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera and thought, I could make this my career?

I'm still surprised it’s my career. It doesn't feel like a job, I just do what I do.

In terms of subject matter, what or who was your first love?

The Australian desert was the first thing I saw that made me stop and say, "Holy shit.” From then on I started looking at things in a different light.

For you, what turns a model into a muse?

A model is like a photographer, a painter or a songwriter. A muse is the completed piece of art. Wait did I just come up with that? I reckon that's pretty bang on!

Has there ever been a time when a picture you took surprised you when you looked at it later?

It happens more often than not. That's the beautiful mystery of shooting on film!

Do you see yourself more as a photographer or an artist?

I see myself as a little kid who tries everything. I play music, draw and cook. I don't like labeling.

How do you gather ideas for a shoot?

I keep lots of notebooks but they are filled with anything and everything. I operate on the fly, work with the subject and client to create something natural.

What are you currently inspired by or obsessed with?

I'm currently living in Los Angeles. I'm inspired by the sunlight and obsessed with cacti. I just got one tattooed on me—I've got a problem.

What was it like working with Bambi? What was your favorite shot from the day?

It was great to be surrounded by some Aussies (Bambi and Imogene Barron) on what was my second day in the U.S. It's hard to pick a favorite of the day but maybe when we were eating Mexican after the shoot...Bambi and I ran outside onto Virgil to take some photos in the traffic at sunset.

Anything funny or surprising happen on set?

The whole day was a surprise for me as I hadn't gotten the opportunity to explore LA yet, so it was a working tour of a few areas.

Why did you originally want to shoot for Stance? What’s was your favorite part about it, looking back?

Imogene is a great friend of mine—if anything gets her seal of approval it's good by me. [My] favorite part was coming to America and feeling very much at home from the start!

See our socks now, and check out more of Ryan’s work at

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